Cookie Clicker

imageWelcome to the CookieClicker.Org.Uk – a website where you can enjoy the cookie clicker game for free. The main idea of this game is to click on the cookie – a silly pastime right ? But what about thousands of people that enjoy the game every day, what about hundreds of different hacks that were created for this game ? In fact, the game has rather poor graphics and easy gameplay. All you have to do is to click on the cookie as fast as you can to generate money. As soon as you get needed amount of money, you can buy some upgrades to make the whole process run faster. The category of clicking games is growing fast and there are already a lot of such games available over the internet, but Cookie Clicker is the most popular one.

At the beginning of the game, click the cookie and let the fun begin.


Instructions How To Unlock Stuff in Cookie Clicker.
-Upgrade cookie per click 10 times to unlock bakers.
-Upgrade Bakers 10 times to unlock Girl Scout.
-Upgrade Girl Scout 10 Times to Unlock Trees.
-Earn Money to unlock Factory.


Even though the game is rather silly it is very addictive. You click and click and click the cookie to buy even more updates and tools to bake even more cookies. You should buy special items like Grandmas,Farms,Mines,Factories,Time machines and many others to produce more cookies at a time. This tools will help to produce billions of cookies. So what are you waiting for, enjoy the Cookie Clicker game for free at our website.